Client Testimonials

Oil and gas executives have turned to GL&L for decades for the firm’s thorough understanding of the oil and natural gas markets. GL&L’s clients value their consultants’ knowledge and experience in analyzing and forecasting the major events impacting oil and gas companies’ business strategies.

Henry Petroleum

"We use Henry Groppe as a consultant, and when we approached him with the idea of selling the company, he strongly agreed with the concept. This was not the first time Henry (Petroleum) followed Groppe’s advice. In 1984, we sold half of our production based on Groppe’s report that oil prices were going to fall substantially. Other reports predicted a rise, but it actually did fall in 1985. So his 2008 report predicting another fall was a major factor in our selling the entire company. Twice in a 25-year period, we have sold large assets based on his reports. He has been on retainer with us for quite awhile."

Jim Henry former president, Henry Petroleum, now president of Henry Resources quoted in the April 2009 issue of the Oil and Gas Investor

Global Marine

“Forecasting is a tough business. Groppe, Long & Littell’s forecasting methods are unique and the results have been impressive. They begin with a rigorous technical analysis of supply and demand. There are no “missing barrels” or loose ends when the process is complete. They produce an organized consideration of probabilities for the future. The reasoning that supports the firm’s forecast is clear. Over the years, several of their predictions did not appear credible until time showed them to be accurate.”

Russell Luigs retired Chairman and CEO

State Farm Mutual Insurance Company

“State Farm engaged Groppe, Long & Littell in January of 1988. We believed that our multi-billion common stock portfolios would benefit from their rigorous, fundamental analysis of global oil and gas markets. Over the past 13 years, the firm’s work has been a key determinant of our investment strategy. We admire their careful, thorough work and their historical perspective.”

Paul N. Eckley Sr. Vice President, Investments

Tom Brown, Inc.

“The advice and guidance from Groppe, Long & Littell has helped Tom Brown, Inc. achieve the enviable position it now enjoys. In all of the hard times along the way, Groppe, Long & Littell has been a great source of comfort and resolve. The firm's analysis is thorough to a fault. To it, they add a unique ability to think clearly about how things will go in the future. Even though our business is primarily natural gas, I made sure that I got their oil reports as well. The information in the oil reports allowed me to stay abreast with the industry as a whole. There are many people who provide data and news. Groppe, Long & Littell is superb at figuring out what it all means and where the industry is headed.

During my twenty-five years in the energy industry, the biggest mistake I have observed is a failure to thoroughly understand underlying trends and future consequences of dramatic swings in oil and gas prices. It is my strong belief that their counsel and guidance provides this important insight and has been instrumental in the development and execution of our successful short and long-term strategic plans.”

Donald L. Evans Chairman of the Board and CEO

Marsh Operating Company

“Since October 1987, Groppe, Long & Littell’s knowledge and experience has been a great help. Option contracts for natural gas and crude have been profitable, but stressful. Whenever things are going badly, Groppe, Long & Littell is at their best. They do their homework and think things through. Those methods--and their personal courage--enable them to withstand enormous pressure. When important decisions are pending it’s nice to know that GL&Ls consulting is just a phone call away.”

Tom F. Marsh

Energy Corporation of America

“I have been working with Groppe, Long & Littell since October, 1997, at a time my colleagues and I were trying to make sense of oil and gas prices. Hearing Groppe, Long & Littell talk about $30.00 per barrel and $4 per MMBTU in 1997 was good news. It was very encouraging to get acquainted with the firm's careful, disciplined approach to forecasting. They collect all the numbers and separate the good ones from the bad. Groppe, Long & Littell manage to avoid getting caught in the details and ignore industry fads. The big picture and the long-term future are always in view."

John Mork CEO