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Oil and Gas Analysts and Forecasters with more than 130 years of combined oil industry experience, Groppe, Long & Littell provides a basis for informed business decisions in matters that involve the economics of the oil and gas industries. Periodic reports provide a thorough treatment of demand, supply and other factors that determine prices for crude oil and petroleum products worldwide and for natural gas in North America. Forecasts going out at least ten years are based on detailed technical assessments and sound application of economic principles. The scope and detail of its work distinguish the firm from other consultants, petroleum analysts and natural gas analysts.


Our Services
Groppe, Long & Littell provides analyses and forecasts that better position our clients to make long-term decisions concerning future business strategies. Learn about what we do; how we do it; and why itís more accurate.
Client Testimonials
Clients value GL&L’s services for a variety of reasons. Find out how GL&L clients benefited from their business relationships with the expert energy analysts and forecasters.
Track Record Highlights
Since 1975, Groppe, Long & Littell has been providing thoughtful, proven insight on the economics of the oil and gas industry. Some of GL&L’s predictions regarding major influences, events and outcomes affecting the industry are showcased in this section.
Reports & Papers
Groppe, Long & Littell’s reports, statistics and published articles help oil and gas executives make educated business decisions. Click on this section for the latest GL&L perspectives on the state of the industry.